NUR KARLICA ROY, Freelance photographer
I take travel photographs, architecture, landscape, animal, industrial products, textile, jewelry and food photography.
I sell stock photography for web design purposes.
I currently work in Portland Oregon and mostly take commercial photos.

I took photos in Oregon, New York, Kentucky, Ohio, Utah, Arizona, New Jersey, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington State, California, Alaska, Hawaii.

I did a lot of travel photography include Germany, France, Luxembourg, Greece, Holland, Turkey, USA, Canada and Mexico .

In Turkey I have large selection of images from big cities to villages.
Many of my photos around Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Manisa, Aydin, Mugla, Antalya, Denizli.

I create photo interactive CD, create digital art and do commercial photography.

I had Photography Exhibition in Istanbul February 2007.

I write travel articles and photography tips in my blog:

If you like to buy prints or poster of my work please visit here

My Philosophy

” I graduated from Ege University in İzmir Turkey. A philosophy education challenges a person’s mind. It teaches you there is no limit to dreams. When I look at an object I try to understand the deepness, balance and meaning. I work in nature as well as inside studio shoot for product photography. I capture the images within vivid light composition and let it reveal itself.

I prefer that the photo should speak for itself. If an image says something to you, then viola, success!
I want my images to tell you something , they all have stories behind it. Let them speak. ”

Certainly one may say, ‘Freedom to speak or write can be taken from us by a superior power, but never the freedom to think!’ But how much, and how correctly, would we think if we did not think, as it were, in common with others, with whom we mutually communicate!
– Immanuel Kant, Critique of Practical Reason

I believe hard work is the key to success, on any subject. You will achieve it sooner or later; what ever you wish for. I found happiness in my photographic journey. I feel happy when I work, this reflects on my images.